Friday, January 30, 2009


Hello race fans and snowmobile racing/riding enthusiasts! I've created this blog to express opinions and provide a little insight into the worlds of Rock Maple Racing snocross and stock car racing, in which I am involved. You're going to read some things on here that may upset you; but please realize I'm not out to offend anybody. Ever since I wrote my first column for the now-defunct Speedway Scene in Jan. of 1992, I've simply given my views according to how I perceive the issues. I'll also try to deliver racing-related news in a timely fashion, although there are HUNDREDS of places to find that information online. So thanks for taking a few minutes out of your busy day or evening for me. I welcome contact from fans to discuss news, current hot-button issues (like E10 gas here in Maine causing engine failure in several sleds) and misc. topics. Now get out on those sleds, and have that stock car ready for the 2009 season opener!